A great podcast always starts with a great topic… and Heidi and I always find ourselves talking about the same thing be it on a podcast or not.

“How can we help make more people successful at launching their fashion products?”

By now I think you have figured it out… Heidi Weinberg successfulfashiondesigner.com  and of illustratorstuff.com   asked me to speak with her on her awesome pod cast about the trials and tribulations of starting up.

We discussed many things including why sourcing is so important at the design phase, what makes a good designer, and Heidi asked me one question:

“What is the one thing that you wish people would ask you, but never do?”

I guess your going to have to tune in to hear my answer to that one.

Also- make sure to check out Heidi’s amazing sites, she is an amazing teacher of illustrator, an amazing resource for freelance designers, and over all has a great head for business and community. You will love her stuff!

IF you are interested in starting your own brand or building a custom apparel product. Do let me know- you can schedule a free consult and we can chat about your idea and see if its a good fit.

Enjoy the listen and have a great week!


Tricia Hoke- CEO Hello World Fashion

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